Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Final Reflection #cmc11

Final Reflection #CMC11

My Creativity and Multicultural Communication experience was dynamic especially in comparison to traditional learning and more vigorous than even online courses. Exploring how cultural learning enhances our creativity was intriguing and at the same time discovering that creativity lies dormant in everyone was quite inspiring. 

The abstract format of this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was at first disconcerting and uncomfortable until I freed my mind of previously established constraints. The instructor Carol Yeager knew the best way to learn in this environment is to struggle while we searched for a customized path. As a MOOC student, I was forced to think critically in planning my own goals for learning on this meandering and enlightening journey. To share in part my enthusiasm for this MOOC, I created my first PowerPoint and uploaded to YouTube for viewing. This presentation can be found at

During a recent discussion with Carol, she shared her thoughts on instructor feedback describing the students’ strengths and weaknesses as opposed to simply assigning grades. This conversation made me realize in order to progress we need to recognize both strengths and weaknesses.  I decided to self-critique and address a strength as well as a weakness that throughout this class came to the forefront.
STRENGTH-Since my youth I have been aware of my creative tendency, end of story. However, in the past thirteen weeks I was exposed to inspiring material that made me realize it does not need to stop there. As a result, I now intend resumption of an abandoned project previously thought unrealistic; following through with writing a book started six years ago.
WEAKNESSES-Albeit many, one weakness in particular throughout the years has contributed a considerable amount of self-imposed frustration. Because of the free-style format of a MOOC, I was allowed to discover I dabble a little in many things. Once I scratch the surface enough to satisfy my curiosity, I move on to the next interest never giving extensive thought to any one area.

This behavior that theoretically maintained a well-rounded [shallow] perspective continued until I viewed a video link supplied in the list of weekly assignments. The guest speaker featured in this video gave advice on how to lead a less complicated life; do a few things well and do not exhaust yourself trying to be “well-rounded”.  I liked the thought that well-rounded is overrated, so I did simplify and I DO feel more fulfilled. This simplified lifestyle has freed my mind of clutter allowing creativity to once again surface. I could not have chosen a better class for the culmination of my academic career with Empire State College.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American education system

Latest news on U.S. education and the product; Globally, our students rank 31st in math, 24th in science, 21st in reading. Is this a concern? What do you think is the solution? #cmc11

Monday, December 2, 2013

Problem or Challenge

In response to the question "do you approach difficulties as problems or challenges?" I would have to say that it depends on the difficulty. We could practice seeing all difficulties as a challenge, but that is somewhat unrealistic to human nature. 
For me, when the difficulty can be resolved by spending my time and expending my effort, it is always solvable, therefore a challenge. When a difficulty requires from others a cooperation that is not forthcoming, unfortunately in my mind it then becomes a problem. Of course one could then assume responsibility for promoting cooperation as the challenge.
Every difficulty can not be approached as a challenge lest determination override common sense. If we disallow "problems", our competitive conditioning prevents us from recognizing when an issue really IS problematic, not merely a challenge to conquer.@cmc11

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tweets, and MOOCs, Oh My!

Tweet-night Wednesday night had a few surprises trying to track tweets, but eventually it came together. When not actively consumed with assignment I spend downtime thinking about the MOOC environment. I excitedly share my experience with my children but they are doubtful about having enough initiative and self-discipline to succeed. #cmc11

Monday, November 11, 2013


Listening to the week 10 blackboard collaborate recording, I have to give credit to the youth who have the motivation to participate in a MOOC. I have read blogs and personally know students who do not have the motivation to successfully complete just an online course with a syllabus, forget consideration of the open style, free-form MOOC. Storytelling would be an interesting challenge just for experimentation or to get a foothold for something more permanent. #cmc11

Friday, November 1, 2013

Immersive activity week 8

Week 8 immersive activity was interesting. I was previously aware of the presence of these bias in myself and others. However, I was unaware these bias had syndrome-like names. I already have a heightened sense of my weaknesses, but the bias list added a new dimension to these characteristics.
Zero-risk bias for example can be a desirable trait, or undesirable, depending on the circumstances.